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As a corporate group centered on the media, we will fulfill our responsibilities for the continuation of business and information dissemination.

Group Companies’ Business

The Japan Times, Ltd.

The Japan Times, established in 1897, is Japan’s oldest English-language newspaper. The paper, which provides information on Japan’s present and future to the world, is trusted as a reliable source of information by international residents living in Japan, overseas government officials, global think tanks, as well as media services based in various countries.

The Japan Times Agency, Ltd.

Linked to The Japan Times’ newspaper and website, offering global communication strategies. In addition to placing advertisements, we offer more effective overseas PR by providing original content linked to the articles.

The Japan Times Cube Inc.

With the theme of sustainability, we produce content and manage communities with the aim of sharing various perspectives on Japan to the world. We also provide services to support companies and organizations in disseminating English-language information.

An English-language information dissemination platform that supports companies and organizations in disseminating English-language information.

English-language information site sharing insights and unique content from Japan for the realization of a sustainable society.

This is the restaurant list by AUTHENTIC JAPAN SELECTION, a project to introduce the authentic Japanese food culture that Japanese people would like to select and share.

The Japan Times Publishing, Ltd.

Publishes text books such as TOEIC and Eiken (*) preparation books, English-language study books based on news topics, and Japanese-language textbooks for foreigners. The business also provides educational content, such as applications and e-learning, for corporate clients. * Eiken is an English proficiency test in Japan.