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In an age of information overload, providing reliable information.
The News2u Group was established in 1993, during the early days of the Internet. Over the past 30 years, the distribution of information has changed dramatically, the volume of information has exploded, and the way people interact with information has changed significantly.

The days when media organizations were the only distributor of information are over, and now anyone can easily share information.
Once shared, the information is replicated, processed, and further shared through various information distribution channels, and cannot be controlled.
Recipients are not only receiving information but also become distributors as they can process and share the information received.
In an era where anyone can distribute information, what kind of information should we distribute and receive? I have not got the answer yet.

The News2u Group, disseminating primary information since the dawn of the Internet, has concluded that the methods and processes of providing reliable information and information with social value are important.
In the past, it was usual to obtain necessary and important facts from a limited amount of information. However, nowadays it is essential to deliver facts that are often buried in a mixture of true and false information.

In 2017, we welcomed The Japan Times, Japan’s oldest English-language newspaper, to our Group to continue protecting and disseminating information that is important to society in this age of information overload.

This move, from online to traditional news media, does not go against the times. Rather, this is a great challenge for us. In the Internet era, we will pass our long-cultivated know-how and the responsibilities of being a media group to the next generation.

Various tools and platforms have appeared and disappeared. However, with “The Japan Times” brand, we will continue, as we always have, to be a media group that focuses on “reliability” and “impartiality”. We will continue to provide reliable information.

Minako Suematsu