Message from CEO

Information distribution has changed dramatically and the amount of information is now constantly growing and expanding because of the emergence of Internet.
In this situation, what is the best way to deliver trustworthy sources of primary information to stakeholders?
The key to resolving this dilemma is employing proper strategies for the dispatch of informtion at the corporate level.
News2u Corporation was founded based on the idea of creating platforms for information distribution that separate the wheat from the chaff.

Since our founding in 2001, we have released the News2u platform as an information delivery platform that is trustworthy and fair. We also operate, which offers real press releases from the source from companies with no filter, unedited by third parties. In addition, we support the creation and strategy of various websites and owned-media in which companies spread their compamy news and press release.

Our mission is delivering corporate information through the Internet.
That importance today is only still growing.

It has been 20+ years since the emergence of the Internet.
Many of social media channels and platforms have come and gone, but the News2u group of companies remains committed to providing trusted sources of information now and into the future.

News2u Holdings
CEO: Minako Suematsu

News2u Holdings CEO: Minako Suematsu (Kambara)