Board of Directors

Minako Suematsu

Minako Suematsu
Chairperson and Publisher, The Japan Times, Ltd.
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Minako Suematsu received a master's degree from Gakushuin
University Graduate School. She then started up an Internet-related business, getting involved in website production and online marketing.
In 2001, she established News2u Corporation as a company promoting Internet advertising. In 2017, she became CEO of News2u Holdings, Inc. In June 2017, Minako became representative director, chairperson, and publisher of The Japan Times, which celebrated its 120th anniversary of its inaugural issue and has reported on the current situation in Japan as well as global trends as “Japan's window to the world.”

The Japan Times: Chairperson & Publisher
Next Educational Environment Development Inc.: Managing Director
Miroku no Sato Japanese Language School, International Institute of Culture: Chairperson

Director: Akira Masuda

Akira Masuda
Akira joined News2u Corporation in March 2001. After working in design and production for the web, he was one of the first members of a company founded in Shanghai in 2004. Akira trained partner firms in China and handled outsourcing of web site creation and management from Japan.
In 2005, Akira worked as a manager of the company's web solutions division. In 2011,Akira served as a manager of marketing and communication for its ASP business, then went on to assume a position overseeing both the sales and marketing teams. In July of 2012, Akira became a director of News2u Corporation. In January 2015, Akira assumed positions as CEO of News2u Corporation and Pensees, Inc.

Director: Koji Ozawa

Kyoji Ozawa
Kyoji joined News2u Corporation (now News2u Holdings) in January 2006 and served as manager of its business planning group and its financial accounting group, then went on to become a director at Pensees, Inc. In 2015, Kyoji assumed a position as auditor of Pensees, Inc., in 2017, he servedb as auditor of News2u Corporation. In addition, concurrently he serves as business manager at News2u Corporation.

Director (non full-time): Koichiro Yoshizaki

Director (non full-time)
Koichiro Yoshizaki
Koichiro has been involved in a variety of venture capital projects, buyouts and investments in Japan and Asia at Schroeder Ventures, MKS Partners and the Carlyle Group since 1998, having first cut his teeth at Mitsubishi Trust Bank, Ltd. and AT&T Japan K.K. From 2013 to 2015, he served as director and chief investment officer at Cool Japan Fund, Inc. He established GrowthPoint Equity LLP in 2017 and invests in the growth of small- to mid-sized businesses. He also serves as an external director on the boards of various public and private companies.

Auditor (non full-time): Daisuke Koizumi

Auditor (non full-time)
Daisuke Koizumi
After graduating from university and then passing stage 2 of the Certified Public Accountant Exam (CPA), Daisuke joined the Asahi Audit Corporation (now KPMG Azsa LLC). Upon passing stage 3 of the CPA he was officially certified as a public accountant and joined Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC . Daisuke went on to establish KIA Professional Inc., (now Owner's Brain, Inc.) in 2003, where he is now representative director. He also serves as an external director to ITFOR Ltd., as a non-standing auditor to Chiiki Shinbunsha Co., Ltd, and as executive director of the Japan Employee Ownership Association (JEOA) .